Transexual momentum

The trans world is not one in which I’m particularly well versed.  I had a friend in college who identified as transexual.  He educated me on the issues surrounding public restroom usage and I’ve been more sensitive to those and related issues ever since.  I find the language used in trans communities important and fascinating as it directly relates to one’s identity and personal development.

While I have not seen any episodes of “Orange is the new Black” I found it heartening to read articles about Laverne Cox’s work on the show.  She has been an effective spokeperson and advocate on trans issues as evidenced here in her interview with Time magazine:

Given my relatively new awareness to social justice issues in the trans community I was particularly struck by this article:

At the end of the day it discloses personal information about the nature of an intimate relationship.  This is really not the type of information from which I like to draw professional development lessons.  However I continued to monitor this story as I hoped it would raise the discourse around trans issues in our popular culture and news media.  I had trouble finding any articles that would lead me to believe this had happened.  That being said, the article has been read over 150,000 times.  It is not academically substantial, nor is it presented as an advocacy piece.  However, I hope more people became aware, and more sensitive and receptive, to people in the trans community as a result of this story.


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